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Funding Opportunities Announcements: MMPC MICROMouse Pilot and Feasibility Program

What is the MICROMouse Grant Program? The MICROMouse Grant Program is a competitive grant program awarding up to $75,000 (total costs) from NIH to fund one year pilot projects that are high impact and have the potential to enhance and advance the mission of the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) Consortium Program.

What is the objective of the MICROMouse Grant Program? The objective of the MICROMouse Grant Program is to promote the development, application, and/or transfer of in vivo phenotyping technology that enhances the use of mouse models of diabetes, obesity, metabolic, and related disorders.

Who is eligible to apply and when is the deadline for submission? Any independent investigator, is eligible to apply.

What types of proposals are responsive to the MICROMouse Grant Program? There are two categories of MICROMouse Grant Program projects. To be considered responsive, MICROMouse proposals must be focused on one of the two categories:

·      Resource-development projects should seek to develop, improve, refine, miniaturize, or transfer mouse phenotyping test technology; or


·      Resource-related research projects should ask a biological question, with an emphasis on phenomena that broadly affect mouse model metabolic research. (e.g., a new, currently unfunded project where results will significantly impact.)

MICROMouse Grant Program funds are not intended to replace or reduce fees charged for services requested from an MMPC.

How does one submit a proposal? While there is no formal deadline for submission, applicants are required to submit a brief letter of intent to the MMPC Coordinating Center (email address) in advance of the application to ensure responsiveness to the MICROMouse Grants Program and relevance of the project to the MMPC.

To learn more about how you can apply for a MICROMouse Grant, please visit:





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